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Check out what clients are saying about their experience working with T. Darley Photography!

"...her pictures reflect more than you could have ever envisioned."

Marjorie Says:

“She provides a strength behind that bride that gives an anxious, panic attack stricken bride comfort. She is very professional and will do whatever she needs to to ensure her pictures reflect more than you could have ever envisioned.”

- Marjorie Johnson

Happy Client

Amanda Writes:

“Tami did an excellent and amazing job with my newborn daughter’s pictures. She put all of her effort and was extremely excited to be able to do MacKenzie’s photos for me. I would recommend her to anyone who is needing their photos taken.”

- Amanda Saunders -

Another Happy Client

Lisa Says:

“You can not help but smile and be joyful when around her. She makes photography come to life. I enjoyed working with her and her team on my daughter’s bridals and wedding day. What a magical day it was and she captured every moment.”

- Lisa Woodham -

Happy Client

"...What a magical day it was and she captured every moment."

Kimberley Writes:

“She’s easy to get along with, and works tirelessly to capture that perfect shot! I highly recommend Tami and her fab team of assistants for any wedding client that wishes to have such a pleasantly personalized experience!!”

- Kimberley Smith -

Wedding Planner

Emily Says:

Tami is the most professional, fun, and creative photographer I have ever done business with! She has the best attitude and while her ideas may seem crazy at first the end result is ALWAYS phenomenal! Her energy and passion is contagious making every shoot a great time for everyone involved.”

- Emily Carroll Barrentine -

Very Happy Client

"...the end result is always phenomenal!"

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